Neljas Balti mikrobioloogide kongress

Sügisel toimub järjekorras neljas Balti mikrobioloogide kongress Gdanskis. Kuupäevadega 10-12 september. Täpsem info kodulehel

Ametlik kutse:

It is our pleasure to invite all microbiologists to participate in the 4th
Congress of Baltic Microbiologists (CBM2018). This time, the congress will
be held in Gdansk, Poland. Please, visit our web page:

The history of The Congress of Baltic Microbiologists had started in 2012,
when the first meeting was organized at Riga, Latvia. The next meeting was
held in Tartu, Estonia (2014). The third congress took place in Vilnius,
Lithuania (2016). The scope of the Congress is microbiology – a quickly
developing scientific discipline, which has a great impact on both
understanding of basic biological processes and research applications.
During the Congress, we will provide a platform for sharing recent results
in all fields of microbiological research. Special emphasis will be
focused on participation of young researchers from different countries, to
introduce them to the field of microbiology, to give them an opportunity
to learn from more experienced scientists and to allow them to present
results of their own research. Since all aspects of microbiology will be
included in the Congress program, we invite all researcher conducting
studies in this field, as well as all persons interested in learning on
recent achievements in microbiological studies, to participate in the 4th
Congress of Baltic Microbiologists. We welcome you to Gdansk, a beautiful
historical city, located at the Baltic Sea.

Join us in September 2018 and enjoy great atmosphere and fascinating
scientific presentations!